Muddy Roots News
  • 09.11.19

    Now Booking 20/20 Events

    We’ve completed 90% of our festivals and events for 2019. We’re now starting to look at our 20/20 dates. It’s our hindsight year so we are looking to our past with joy but moving forward. There are a lot of things changing For starters, we’re involving more of our friends. It took us 10 years of growth the truly find our voice. What we stand for is inclusion and evangelical level promotion of the “Muddy Roots Gospel.” So, we’ve asked our friends at Sweet Time Booking and Voodoo Rhythm Records to curate their own stage at the 11th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival. We also partnered up with Sweet Time on a new event called Stomp! Shout! Campout! We will be looking for new ways to include other independent entities in to our events. Strength in numbers, individual numbers. They’ll be booking on their own schedule and terms.

    Muddy Roots has also prided itself on DIY ethos. We’ve made it this way without massive corporate sponsorship or investors. We get a few bucks here and there but we refuse to oversell the field. This is more of a movement. We rely on word-of-mouth. Folks come to our events and they share that experience with people. You can feel the energy in someone’s voice when they’ve truly had a great damn time somewhere. That is the spark that gets the right people to the field. It ain’t no damn billboard that’s going to bring the magic.

    Speaking of DIY, we are restructuring much of our company for strength and personal reaction. We have more on that later but for today we can talk about our new ticketing system. We’re switching all 20/20 events to old school hardcopy tickets. If you bought through eventbrite it will still work but all new tickets are tangible. This keeps some revenue at home so we can put that towards folks that help us here at the office. We are rebuilding our shipping process for merch right now so it works hand in hand. Actual ticket stubs are way cooler anyway. You aren’t going to t save your print out PDF ticket in a drawer for memories. We’re losing our chance for nostalgia in this digital era. So, now you’ll get a ticket in the mail. Don’t lose it! Ya gotta be a responsible adult about this, just like when we were kids. ;)

    And, we’ve capped most our events to keep them comfy and manageable. That means you wait and you miss out.

    Back to booking. I will begin considering bands for 20/20 festivals and train rides. Some events already have a few announced bands.


    To be clear, 600-800 artists and a couple dozen agents will reach out. I am only one person. It is impossible to respond but I do save them in case I need to search you out and reply. If there is an obvious booking opportunity I will respond. I am being up front about this so as not to appear rude with silence. If I wait too long and you book other gigs, I will understand.

    It greatly helps me if you apply for the best fitting event, mention which date you are available, and let me know what your needs are. What will you charge me? Don’t ask me to make an offer. Send me quick and easy music links like youtube or your site. I won’t open attached files or anything that requires programs like itunes or spotify. Mention a few notable bands you’ve played with or events just to give me a ballpark idea.


    Here are all the available dates:

    Looking for 1930’s to 1950’s music in general. Country-Western, Ragtime. Country Blues, Jazz
    Feb 22, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards
    March 28, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards
    April 25, 2020 – Tennessee Whiskey & Wine Train
    May 9, 2020 – Tennessee Whiskey & Wine Train
    June 13, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards

    More info at

    dirty blues and canoes
    Stomp! Shout! Campout!
    May 29-30, 2020
    Adams, TN.
    Dirty trash blues, fuzzy rock n roll, and canoes!

    I’m only booking half this pup. Sweet Time Booking has the other half.
    So far I’ve confirmed:
    The Ghost Wolves
    Molly Gene and the Gasoline (full band)

    The return of the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
    June 12-13, 2020
    Brown County, Indiana
    A small event focused on stringbands, folk, and country music.

    Current announced bands:
    Possessed By Paul James
    The Calamity Cubes!
    Rock Bottom Stringband
    Rachel Brooke

    muddy roots europe
    The 9th Muddy Roots Europe festival
    June 26-28, 2020
    Waardamme. Belgium

    This event is primarily booked by Nicky VanMoerbeke at Cowboy Up Saloon. You can reach him at

    country roots campout
    Straight up Country music in all it’s forms.
    July 24-25, 2020
    Adams, TN.

    MUDDY ROOTS 2020
    11th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival
    Sep 3-6, 2020
    Cookeville, TN.
    We’re always getting weird with this one. Everything form bluegrass to punk rock. Maybe some metal, country, blues, or whatever the hell we want.

    nashville boogie 2020
    Oct. 3-4, 2020
    Nashville, TN.
    A celebration of Mid-Century American Culture
    Early rock n roll, country-western, soul, r&b bands plus a western fashion show, a car show, and other fun attractions.

    Current announced bands include:

    The original Rockats (UK) Reunited for the 2nd time since 1979
    Tiger Army
    Wild Records showcase

    This event is already half soldout!