Muddy Roots News
  • 05.30.19

    No Mo Pinup Show

    We’ve been hosting pinup pageants for 5 years at the Boogie and a few more at the Muddy Roots Music Festival. But this most recent contest will be our last one. Atleast, for now. To be honest, it started to lose the fun. We used to have it as a talent contest which was super cool and silly. We deeply believe in empowerment and expression for all adult ages, race, creeds, body shapes, you name-its. Hosting an event like this without that at the core would feel a bit weird in these current times. Pinup is very much part of the rockabilly scene and we respect that. But we are going to focus our energy on other aspects of the festival. Y’all still show up dolled up if ya like! We just won’t make it a contest.

    I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Ms. Nashville Boogie 2019 winner, Miss Lulu Divine. She was an absolute joy to be around. You could feel her energy and enthusiasm leading up to the event. It was a close call as Nicole Nightingale was in 2nd and almost won the crown!

    There was some confusion about a tie-breaker that I’d like to clear up. We hand picked 5 judges so a tie was literally impossible. I purposely chose a diverse panel with a majority of women and different ethnicities to keep it fair. I think the panel got confused with the pressure of the time slot ending and the next band needing to get on. It ended up with a crowd cheer to decide the winner. I checked with the judges to see who they voted for. The crowd ended up picking the same person despite the confusion. But still, I apologize to Nicole Nightingale for the disorientation and error on the part of the event. It should never have gone to the crowd, that’s why we had 5 judges.

    We had 63 women participate in the contest online. We were honored that they were putting themselves out there and wanted to join us in Nashville. But the general feel of the event got a bit carried away. Some people started taking it too serious, some got shitty with other contestants, some got shitty with me, some got shitty with our host, there were vote fraud questions, some had people trying to bring up private issues in contestants pasts as if we would disqualify them for previous mistakes in life. It became a mess. That is not what our events are about. The few people that were doing that really started ruining it for me.

    And to be fair, I enjoyed the extra promotion from the facebook shares. It helped us get the word out on the event. But it was probably not the best way to go about it.

    But much love to all those that came, had fun, and made it fun!

    I want everyone to feel included at my events.

    I may lose money by having one less attraction at the festival but I don’t think we should continue with the way it is now. I’m not saying we won’t ever have a Ms. Nashville Boogie or Ms. Muddy Roots again. I’m saying it can only happen if it supports expression, community, and fun. It would need to be completely different. So for now, it’s gone.

    p.s. we moved the date and location. We shaved off a couple thosuand tickets. There are only 599 left for 2020.
    You can get yours here.

    We are also about to announce our Music Valley Jamboree which is an even smaller version of the Boogie in the Palace back room. Tickets on sale for that here