Muddy Roots News
  • 03.31.16

    Creepy Stuff I Found In An Abandoned Theme Park

    Half way through Kentucky you’ll pass through a small town called Cave City with a population of just 2000 people. If you look up on the one hill in town you’ll see a building with the large letters GUNTOWN MTN. It opened in 1969 as a western themed park and operated as a roadside attraction complete with shootouts and public hangings until 2013 when it closed. In 2015 Louisville business owner, Will Russell purchased the property and changed the name to Funtown Mountain. This is where it starts to get weird.

    Long story short, Will began to crack under the pressure of the property and lack of revenue. The details are unclear and terribly unfortunate but the long history of mental illness combined with stress caused Will to break his 19 year sobriety stint. The series of events were an odd blend of Willy Wonka and The Shining but in a Western town. Will began to act out publicly with multiple arrests including one instance where he was noted as “acting like a savage.” It was said he trashed the property expressing his “art.” There are remnants of paint splatters on many of the buildings, broken glass everywhere and items strewn about. He invited the public to come take what they want which created a looter like scenario. The city deemed the property unfit for human occupancy and shut it down. It is now up for auction. We are going to do our best to buy it and restore it to a Country Western, Bluegrass & Americana theme park! To take part in the process through contributions or event ticket purchases follow this link.

    Here are just some of the items I found today at Funtown Mountain (Guntown Mountain). One day Muddy Roots Mountain. (Hopefully)

    Guntown Haunted House
    An old haunted house on a hill. Very “Bates Motel.”

    Funtown Mountain
    A doll head on a table.

    Funtown Mountain
    A forgotten bike.

    Funtown Mountain gift shop
    A looted and trashed gift shop.

    Funtown Mountain postcards
    A storage closet with thousands of vintage Guntown Mountain postcards thrown everywhere.

    Guntown Dont Play Guns
    I’m thinking this was an original Guntown sign.

    Guntown Chairlift
    Old Guntown sign. Not for the weak.

    Guntown Jail
    A jail cell.

    Guntown Chapel
    A dead mannequin in a coffin.

    Funtown Will Russell
    Will Russell caught white handed.

    Guntown Theater
    The Guntown Mountain Opera House. Come in to the light Carolanne.

    Funtown Mountain Baby Bottles
    Baby bottles. I don’t know.

    Guntown Mountain Snack Shack
    Paint chips for munchies.

    70's Bumper Cars Guntopwn Mountain
    70’s bumper cars.

    Guntown Mountain Heavnly Praises
    Heavenly Praises.

    Funtown Mountain Circus
    In the back of a pitch dark warehouse sits a corner of circus games and animal costumes with large heads.

    Funtown Mountain Creepy Dolls
    This guy.

    Funtown Silicone HEAD
    This on the dark hallway floor.

    Funtown Mountain Fire Extinguisher
    Some sort of fire extinguisher party happened here.

    Horse Head Funtown
    Heads on the wall everywhere.

    Velvet Jesus Funtown
    Velvet Jesus.

    Funtown Mountain Coffin Green Room

    A living room type setup in the green room back stage in the mountain top warehouse saloon complete with a coffin, love seat, chicken lamp and beer bottles on the floor.

    Funtown Mountain Chicken Lamp

    Said chicken lamp.

    Funtown Swinging Toys
    Dolls on a swing on a stage in a pitch black room.

    Funtown Mountain greenhead
    Found that head with my flashlight.

    Funtown Mountain Clown
    Giant clown in a dark corner.

    Funtown Mountain Headless Choir Boy
    Headless choir boy statue.

    Funtown Mountain Deer head
    This poor guy.

    Funtown Mountain boy statue
    Take me with you!

    Funtown Beetlejuice
    Funtown Beetlejuice mural in a warehouse.

    Funtown Mountain Elvis Presley Altar
    Elvis Presley altar.

    Chicken in the dark.
    Chicken in the dark.

    Funtown Burger King Ride
    The only operational ride at Funtown Mountain.

    Fountown Chairlift to nowhere
    The chairlift up top the mountain with no seats.

    Thank you for taking a peak at the odd finds up at Funtown Mountain. We hope the previous owner is recovering. It’s our turn to step up to be better stewards to an American roadside attraction gem. If you’d like to take part in the process with a contribution or event ticket purchase please CLICK HERE!