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  • 03.26.17

    After 20 Years Jerry Jeff Walker Returns To Nashville

    Sunday May 21
    Doors at 5:30 Show at 6:30-10:30
    Seat Reservations $15 – $45 HERE! or

    It’s been about 2 decades since Texas country legend, Jerry Jeff Walker played a full set in Nashville. Jerry is known for his monumental role in the 60’s & 70’s Country music scene. Jerry Jeff is also known for bucking the system by walking away from the “Nashville Recording Industry” in the 1980’s to start his own record label, “Tried and True Music” which falls right in line with the DIY spirit of Muddy Roots Music Events. Enjoy a full 90 minute set with all the classics.

    Another Country music legend, Bobby Bare will join us on stage bringing you all the hits. Bobby Bare has played our Muddy Roots Music Festival and was quoted saying “Now this is how it’s supposed to be done. This is how a festival should be.” We can’t tell you how honored we felt knowing Bobby was not only playing his music for us but that he felt right at home. That the music was in context to the festival climate. We’re proud to bring Ol’ Bobby to the prestigious Grand Ole Opry House stage!

    East Nashville’s very own honky tonk rounders JP Harris & Joshua Hedley represent the local sound just before Bobby Bare takes the stage.

    Deke Dickerson carries over the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender 50’s vibe with an all-star house band with guest appearance by Big Sandy & Billy Harlan. Billy played the Grand Ole Opry in the 1905’s playing bass for Jim Reeves and also the Wilburn brothers.

    The evening kicks off with local “Honky Tonk Tuesdays” revivalists from the American Legion Post 82, East Nashville’s very own The Cowpokes!

    Event: Grand Finale to the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
    Venue: Grand Ole Opry House
    Date: Sunday May 21, 2017
    Time: 5:30pm to 10:30pm
    Cost: $15-$45
    Ticket site:

    Looking to attend the rest of the festival? It is $135 for Thursday through Saturday which includes 90 bands, an indoor car show, a vintage market, western fashion show, pinup contest, and a vintage western slide show. You can come to the car show and vintage market for just $5 if you don’t have a festival ticket. We have a cool record convention Sunday from 9am to 6pm at the Nashville Palace which is included in your festival pass or just $5 to the public. ALL BANDS AT THE NASHVILLE PALACE ARE FREE ADMISSION! 10 am to 2am.Day and weekend passes available at:

    This is what happens when locally owned Muddy Roots Records takes over the Grand Ole Opry House!

    Nashville Boogie 2017
    BOOGIE OPRY 2017

  • 03.21.17

    *New Video* Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers From Muddy Roots Brasil

    Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers for “Violent People” at Studio Tenda down in Brasil last month.
    Mary Lee Studio Tenga

    “Violent People” is a cautionary tale to all those in the streets living the futureless life of violence. An incredibly relevant song when speaking of the impoverished cities of Brasil plagued with economic strife. It’s a reminder that no matter your situation you need to look inside for peace and also a fair warning that when face to face with with a hopeless soul that “They don’t play to lose.” You better watch your ass.

    Música: Violent People
    Autor: Mary Lee

    Violent People

    Violent People all around trying look the same Violent People all around choosing ones to lame No one to blame The heroes from today aren’t the ones that childrens play The heroes from today No more fathers no more mothers in this game

    Violent People all around trying look the same Violent People all around choosing ones to blame The world that we live is guide by monsters all around They have the power they’re so much liars If you let they’re gonna take you down

    So careful my brother, look at your left and right Look down and raise your head We fight and we hurt and we judge But if we look inside, are we good enough?

    They don’t play to loose

    Neste episódio a banda Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers apresenta a música “Violent People” ao vivo no programa TENDA, gravado no Studio Tenda em Curitiba (PR). Mary Lee – violão e voz Mauro Montezuma – bateria e voz Bruno Gomes – guitarra Gabriel Fernandes – baixo


    TSB Imagens – Lyrian Oliveira Som – Mario Oliveira Edição – Cafuringa Realização – Studio Tenda

    Mary Lee album

    Available on CD HERE!

    Available on Itunes HERE!

    Available on Bandcamp HERE!

  • 03.15.17

    FREE Downloads From All Our 2017 Festivals

    Save this link because we are uploading FREE music compilations every couple weeks to share with you. We hope you’ll get to know all the artists playing our music festivals, buy their full albums and be right up front for their set! Catch them when they come through your town and let them know you found them through Muddy Roots!

    Moonruner’s Music Festival May 5-6, 2017 Chicago, Il.

    moonrunners chicago reggies rock bar

    Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender May 18-21, 2017 Nashville, TN.
    17 Boogie Comp V1
    Nashville Boogie comp 2

    Muddy Root Spring Weekender June 2-3, 2017 Brown County, In.

    Muddy Roots Europe June 23-25, 2017 Waardamme, Belgium

    Muddy Roots Music Festival Aug. 31- Sep. 3, 2017 Cookeville, TN.

  • 02.20.17

    The 5th and Final Spring Weekender

    Join us as we bring an end to what has been a great chapter in the Muddy Roots book. This June we will be hosting our 5th and final Muddy Roots Spring Weekender in Brown County, Indiana. We like to say it’s the most beautiful of all our venues set back in the hills with tall tress and our own lake to boat or fish. James Hunnicutt once mentioned how he was able to perform one of his most intimate sets there as he closed his eyes and let the trickle of the creek that wraps the stage fill his soul. Her poured it right back all over us with incredible songs.

    The first MRSW took place in Adams, TN. at the Red River Canoe Campgrounds in 2013. We wanted to provide an event that would hold folks over til’ the big Muddy Roots. Waiting a year for your favorite music festival can be brutal. It’s like a long distance relationship. We very much enjoyed the venue but decided to move up to Indiana to expand the Muddy Roots brand in to new areas but more importantly to build a stronghold for Muddy Roots bands. 5 years later and the region is flourishing with boutique roots festivals. All of which book “Muddy Roots” type bands. Mission accomplished. It’s time to focus our limited resources on supporting these other events as well as expanding the sound in to new areas.

    If you are not in the woods with us this year you’ll unfortunately miss your chance to experience the magic of this beautiful property. We do cap the tickets to keep the event small and cozy. There are only a couple hundred available at this point. GET YOUR TICKET HERE!

    We put together some of our favorite moments in Indiana for you set to the music of Joseph Huber who is performing this final edition of the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender.

    MRSW 2017

  • 02.15.17

    Folk Alliance - Muddy Roots Showcase

    It’s our 6th year Muddy Roots Music Records has been part of the “Folk Alliance International” community. We’ve been printing their merch, hosting trade show booths, sponsoring the event, and showcasing since back in the Memphis days. We’re happy to say that our presence has grown tremendously on site and that we look forward to sharing the next few days with you.
    Folk Alliance

  • 12.21.16

    Mary Lee's "Fighting Demons" Named #1 Brasilian Album By Southern Rock Brasil

    Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers have been steady touring Europe and Brasil promoting their new album “Fighting Demons” on Muddy Roots Records and the Brasilian community is taking note. The new record has been named the #1 Brasilian album by Southern Rock Brasil.

    Mary Lee Southern Rock Brasil

    Translated from below: “Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers – Fighting Demons: No matter the name of the band that accompanies Mary Lee, she has the gift of making everything into something good. “Fighting Demons” shows this to every track and I say without being afraid to look like a jerk, few bands in the country are at the level of Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers. The band has a great vocalist, but not only that, it is accompanied by great musicians and the compositions are top notch. “Fighting Demons” is not only an album of the highest quality by Brazilian standards, it competes with many released outside the country. One of my great frustrations of 2016 was not having watched this band live, but one hour it happens”

    Fighting Demons Southern Rock Brasil

    Grab a copy of the new Cd shipped from Nashville HERE.

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