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  • 10.28.14

    Joseph Huber

    Joseph Huber: The Hanging Road now available on vinyl, cd and download.

    It was at the 2012 Muddy Roots Festival. Joseph Huber was on stage before a crowd of music lovers who had spent a long day under the blistering late-summer Tennessee sun. As Huber began his song, “Can’t You See A Flood’s A-Comin’,” the skies opened – the rain swelling in intensity to match the foreboding prophecy of the song. The crowd stood transfixed, basking in a moment of musical transcendence, refusing to move to shelter. While Huber lays no claim to elemental powers, that moment speaks volumes for his ability to hold a crowd enraptured with just a song, a guitar and his voice. It’s a talent he developed as a founding member of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin based streetgrass group, the .357 String Band, and that he’s continued to demonstrate as one brightest lights of the insurgent country and bluegrass movement – giving honest country music back to the people who want to hear it.
    Joseph huber in the rain
    With his new album, The Hanging Road, Joseph Huber joins the Muddy Roots Records family and proves that he has a powerful voice of his own. Known as a blazingly fast banjo player, he uses his instrument to propel his songs, pushing them as hard as they can go. It’s a sound that comes from long nights on the road, and hard gigs in dark bars, a sound developed to cut like a knife through a noisy crowd. This isn’t music you can fake, this is music that you have to live. The lyrics to his songs aren’t written on napkins, or thought up on a whim, they’re earned. That’s why his songs on The Hanging Road are ultimately so hopeful. They’re looking to a better life, a rest from the road.

    Like his first two albums, Bury Me Where I Fall and Tongues of Fire, The Hanging Road is a one-man production with Joseph Huber writing all the songs, playing all the instruments and personally overseeing the recording. “For me,” he says, “each individual song comes on its own, exists in a whole of its own, and if it doesn’t sound like any other, then all-the-better. This album has Cajun, amped-up bluegrass, country and stripped-down singer-songwriter songs that range from the carefree to all-out hopelessness. That’s why I enjoy playing music under just my own name. The music is whatever I change into as I grow older. I’ll always be Joseph Huber—no matter what that becomes.”
    Joseph Huber Hearth PR
    Joseph’s second job is woodworking, and it’s clear that he likes to work with his hands, whether they’re wrapped around the neck of his banjo, or planing a groove into old wood. On The Hanging Road, Joseph Huber’s songs demonstrate true craftsmanship but also show a proper understanding for “necessary roughness” – giving his songs an edge that is often lacking from modern Americana music. This is music with a strong grain, roots music that hasn’t been polished smooth.

    Purchase a copy today and tell folks what you’ve just discovered!

  • 10.27.14

    Muddy Roots Spring Weekender 2015

    We are planning the 3rd annual Muddy Roots Spring Weekender now. Looking forward to returning to Nashville, Indiana to be amongst the lake and trees. This is a favorite for all those folks that enjoy a little down time with the Muddy family. We are only selling 300 tickets to this event so that is is nice and comfy like a family reunion. You can expect a super rootsy & bluesy vibe to the music.
    Oh and about the bands. We are having a bit of fun this year with that. We aren’t going to announce the bands at all. It’s going to be a big surprise. Imagine getting to the campground and seeing all your favorite underground roots acts hanging out, just waiting for you to get to set up camp so they can hang with you. This is going to keep the crowd to most intense muddy roots fans, the people their for the experience and not just a party.
    We aren’t going overboard with advertising this event. It’s almost underground. We’d like for you to tell folks about it. We are looking for the right people to spend the weekend with. The fb invite is HERE.

    There will be cabins for rent soon.

    Muddy Roots Spring Weekender

    Weekend passes found HERE!

  • 07.19.14

    Nashville Boogie Weekender & Car Show!

    Nashville’s new Hillbilly Boppin’, Western Swingin’, Rockabilly Music Festival and Car Show is located at the luxurious and historic Opryland Hotel Resort! Join us for the Nashville Boogie as we celebrate mid century style and sound. It truly was a golden era for Music City and we plan to pay tribute to what this town was founded on.

    The weekend kicks off with a pre-party across the street at the Nashville Palace Thursday April 30th, 2015. Folks with weekend passes gain free admission. Locals can attend this show for a small cover charge at the door. Price yet to be determined. The pre-party is 21 and up only.

    Friday and Saturday (May 1-2, 2015) will be music all day long at the Opryland Hotel Resort showcasing some of the finest musicians out there rockin’ the roads! You can always expect some original classic artists from back in the day along with modern bands keeping the style alive. Band announcements this fall.

    Saturday will be an all day indoor/outdoor car show. Pre 68 customs, rats and rods! Car registration link will be posted here later this week. Weekend pass holders get in to the car show for free. Car show only passes will be available at the door for only $10. That’s right folks! Only TEN BUCKS! Bring out the family and show them what it was like to ride in style.

    Pinup Pageant by Sabina Kelley will be the place to be. Feast your eyes on the sights to see! Ladies this is your chance to get gussied up and show off the new dress you’ve got in your museum, uh I mean closet. You can expect a bit more of a southern belle flair on stage and a bit more traditional. Classy. Registration information will be posted here later this week.

    Fashion Show by Riley Reed Nashville. Looking for more of a country western, vintage rocker, & honky tonk gal fashion show? You’ve found it! First class independent and iconic designers from around the world will be showcasing not only new designs but classic outfits that the stars have made famous.

    Did I mention the vintage vendor market in the ballroom?!! That’s right folks. vintage clothing, old records, and rare retro finds for your shopping pleasure in the vending area of the ballroom all weekend long. If you’re anything like me you’ll black out and walk out drunk on vintage. I save all year long to be able to discover the perfect vintage clothes and records at events like this. Searching is half the fun!
    Vendors can contact us at to book your space now.

    Our attendees only pay $139 per night by reserving at our special link. That is down from $269 a night all non Boogie folks have to pay. Which means we get the frills and thrills of an upscale resort on a working class dime. Just for you folks!
    Reserve yours now at:

    Get your tickets now at :


    Nashville Boogie Opryland Hotel

    Interested in advertising in our program, on our website, and at the event? Contact Jason Galaz at

    Want to sponsor the event or a portion of the event? There are plenty of opportunities to get the exposure your company desires and to support this independent event. Contact Jason Galaz at to discuss options.

    Band want to play? We are looking for original 40’s-60’s artists. Also modern bands that play with a classic style. If you play early country, western swing, hillbilly boogie, rockabilly, jump blues and soul email us at We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    RSVP to the Facebook invite to get all the updates first.

  • 07.15.14

    Muddy Roots Schedule Is Up!

    Are you ready for a BADASSERY marathon? 3 days of solid music on 3 stages PLUS a pre-party on thursday for early arrivals. And not just any pre-party, It is Jayke Orvis’ and the Broken Band’s LAST show with this current lineup. Woody Pines will also be performing that night.
    We’ve staggered most the stages so you don’t have to miss a beat. Pun intended.
    Just a few quick reminders.
    1) Bring sunscreen 2) Drink water 3) NO WEAPONS 4)You can camp anywhere you park 5) Showers are free 6)We have food vendors ranging from BBQ to vegan 7) We are looking for folks to host AA meetings 8) Pre-party is $10 a person 9) Watch your damn kids or be asked to leave with no refund 10) Don’t be a dick!

    There is a print out form below or go to THE WEBLINK to view.


    Muddy Roots Schedule PDF

  • 05.11.14

    Muddy Roots Spring Weekender Is Here! (INFO)

    The 2nd annual Spring Weekender is finally upon us my friends. We have some updates and information for you. We are going to have great weather, music and times!

    1. Our first update is with our Saturday menu.

    The original plan was to have our friend, Executive Chef Larry Finney, fly in to cook us a chuck wagon – dutch oven meal. He put a ton of work in to it sourcing all local meat and vegetables. Larry fell terribly ill and was hospitalized last week. He has had 6 surgeries since then. If you believe in good mojo or prayers please send it to him.
    We had to change our menu for the Saturday evening dinner with Joseph Huber. We are now serving brisket chili, corn bread, greens and baked beans. The brisket is slowed cooked in a smoker for a day before it is put in to the chili. You will LOVE IT! We unfortunately no longer have a vegetarian/vegan option for the dinner. If you are no longer interested in attending and would like a refund please email me at before Wednesday.
    We have 15 more seats left if you’d like to reserve one. Must reserve by Wednesday. . DINNER TICKETS
    Muddy Roots camp fire chili

    2. We cut off bus ride reservations this Wednesday.

    So if you want to hop on a bus, drink beer, and party with live music all the way from Chicago to the Spring Weekender you better get off your ass and reserve a spot. Not a care in the world for a whole weekend. Now that is a beautiful thing.BUS RESERVATIONS

    3. If you’ve been waiting to buy your ticket NOW IS THE TIME!

    Tell your friends about us whether you can make it or not. Word of mouth is the life blood of small events. It is your support that make us able to continue bringing music to the fields. MRSW 2014 TICKET LINK
    Muddy Roots Indiana

    4. Dr. Ralph Stanley.

    No updates. Just wanted to remind you that you are about to hangout with one of the most important living legends of Old Mountain Music, which some folks have called bluegrass. Just soak in how important this is and remember he almost retired on this tour. You may not get this chance again.
    Ralph Stanley at Muddy Roots

    5. We had a few cabins open up.

    Contact us now to rent one. They sleep 10 people and come with a small fridge, microwave and hot plate. All you need is pillows and blankies. They are $350- $400 for the weekend. That’s $20 a person to sleep indoors and not drive anywhere after drinking.

    6. Read this map!

    It has the layout info with updates & reservations. We may have an opening in 2 cabins and 1 rv hookup. When you arrive you will park in the entry lot and walk into the property if you are tent camping. No cars are allowed up there near the stage. Park nice and tight so everyone can fit. There will be shuttles taking folks in if they prefer and it only costs a buck a person courtesy of the venue.

    Explore Brown County Muddy Roots

    7. The Band Schedule is up!


    8. There are day passes available if you can only make it Saturday.


    9. No Guns, No Pets, No Weapons, No Glass Bottles, No Dick Head Behaviors. Don’t ruin this for everyone.

    10. MRSW IS 100% BYOB.

    If you don’t bring beer you will be thirsty. ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED! Must be 21 to drink. Drink responsibly. Don’t get yourself banned for life for getting too wasted and acting out.

    Vintage Beer Muddy Roots

  • 05.06.14

    Muddy Roots Europe Festival Schedule & Info

    The MRE 2014 schedule is up! I’d say plan accordingly but y’all are going to be there all weekend anyway.
    From Nashville to Waardamme we bring you the best underground fest for rockers and billies! A cool blend of American & Euro roots, rockabilly, deep blues and country music. June 20-22, 2014 in Waardamme, Belgium near Brugge.

    1)Tent and caravan camping is free.
    2)Festihuts are sold out!
    3) We are 100% INDEPENDENT! Which means this events depends on you telling the right folks about it. Your support is the lifeblood of Muddy Roots.
    4) Kids under 12 are free
    5) You can get your day passes OR pay by bank from Nicky Van Moerbeke at Cowboy Up online.
    6) Get your weekend passes by credit card here!
    7) We have room for a few more vendors. This is who we will have so far. Pierced Heart, Charlie’s Clothing, Chicken Bone John, Rocking Shelby, Superior Bassworks and The Western Shop. Contact Nicky to reserve yours today.

    It looks like this event could sell out so don’t wait to get your tickets.

    FRIDAY JUNE 20th
    14h00 LOADIN
    17h00 DJ-set (Andy)
    22h00 THE COWPOKES
    23h15 MORGAN O’KANE
    00h45 Possessed By Paul James
    02h00 CURFEW

    10h00 PA UP & RUNNING
    9h00 DOORS OPEN
    12h00 DJ ANDY
    13h00 DYLAN WALSHE
    01h00 DJ SET
    02h00 CURFEW

    SUNDAY JUNE 22th
    11h00 PA UP & RUNNING
    9h00 DOORS OPEN
    11h00 DJ ANDY
    13h00 LOU SHIELDS
    15h00 TIO GRINGO
    18h00 FILTHY STILL
    19h00 VOODOO SWING
    21h00 SEAN & ZANDER

    Muddy Roots Europe Festival 2014

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