Muddy Roots Music Festival
  • 07.05.18

    Muddy Roots Fest Seeks Visual Artists

    The Muddy Roots Music Festival is inviting visual artists to participate in the festivities this year! We’re known for constructing large banjos and placing them at our venues worldwide. That’s

  • 06.07.18

    Muddy Roots 2018 Announced!

    We’re leading the charge in uniting the underground scenes and booking the bands that are the roots in them! It’s getting weird and we’re all getting along. Camping and hot

  • 05.24.18

    Nashville Boogie Survival Guide 2018

    Welcome to Music City, U.S.A.!

    First off,do you have a ticket? We have lots of “FREE” areas of the event like the car show, the front room at the