Muddy Roots
  • 08.09.18

    Free Half Pipe To Good Home

    Our pals at GO FUTURE FOUNDATION are building a half pipe for folks to skate at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN. Aug 30-September 2,

  • 07.23.18

    Muddy Roots Fest Schedule 2018

    Welcome to the first official day of the Muddy Roots Music Festival! Many arrive the day before for the pre-party. The gates stay open 24 hours a day all weekend

  • 07.05.18

    Muddy Roots Fest Seeks Visual Artists

    The Muddy Roots Music Festival is inviting visual artists to participate in the festivities this year! We’re known for constructing large banjos and placing them at our venues worldwide. That’s

  • 06.07.18

    Muddy Roots 2018 Announced!

    We’re leading the charge in uniting the underground scenes and booking the bands that are the roots in them! It’s getting weird and we’re all getting along. Camping and hot

  • 06.01.18

    Muddy Roots Partners w/ TN State Fair

    Muddy Roots Music Presents the “Country Roots” stages at the Tennessee State Fair

    Nashville-based promoter will spotlight the sounds of traditional country music in a classic setting.