Muddy Roots
  • 08.13.19

    Muddy Roots Survival Guide

    This party ain’t for the weak. But we’ll fill you in on some tips to make it through the weekend like a Phoenix rising from the drunken ashes.

    We’ll add to

  • 07.29.19

    The Muddy Roots Movement

    Tribes, packs, flocks, clubs, bands, groups and hordes of individuals come together to make the Muddy Roots Music Festival happen. Corporate festivals couldn’t achieve this if they wanted because you

  • 07.25.19

    50% Off Whiskey & Wine Trains (2020)

    Save 50% on your Vintage Wine On The Rails train excursions! Whiskey added to select dates. Offer good for 2020 schedule only. But act fast, February discounts are already

  • 07.14.19

    Festival Property For Sale

    We’ve been hosting the Muddy Roots Music Festival at the June Bug Boogie Ranch in Cookeville, TN. for a decade now. But did you know they have another property in

  • 07.11.19

    Live At Heart Conference - Newfoundland

    Jason Galaz will be a primary keynote speaker at the Live At Heart music conference in Newfoundland. This is the sister conference to the one held in Sweden. We’re going