Muddy Roots
  • 04.22.19

    Omar Higgins of Negro Terror Dead At 37

    It took me a solid day to shake out of the shock on this one. I kind of hoped it was an elaborate hoax when I first heard it. That

  • 04.01.19

    A Muddy Roots Marriage

    Destiny is getting married! If you’ve played one of our festivals in the last few years, then you have worked with Destiny. She does her best to get you

  • 03.29.19

    Ben Jarrell "Troubled Times" Album Release

    Ben Jarrell spent the last year and a half down at Bobby’s Idle Hour on music row writing and singing the tunes to this new album. That historic venue had

  • 03.25.19

    A Music City Merch Merger

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match! Boy, what a catch! We have an exciting merger to announce. We’ve partnered up with our pal Ross Winchel over at Merch

  • 03.14.19

    Get Paid To Go To Car Shows

    We’re looking for folks to pass out flyers at car shows in the South and some larger shows across the whole midwest. Heading to a show and want to